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Cheryl Ann’s Character Movement workshop


Details and Requirements:

  • participants should arrive early and be physically warm to start class on time

  • long hair should be pulled back and secured away from the face

  • clothing should be void of any logos or lettering, preferably solid black, well fitting but unrestrictive, and depending on the classroom - we will be working barefoot

  • pictures, video, and note taking is both allowed and encouraged, but please silence phones

  • participants will be led through a series of exercises to connect breath and body and build upon a sense of awareness created by the neutral mask workshop to create a complete physical character

  • participants will be physically manipulated to explore a full range of physicality and emotion

  • improvisation skills will be used to understand how each character walks, talks, sits, stands, and interacts with their environment and other characters

  • all supplies and props will be provided but must be returned

I truly believe you can get anywhere you need to be emotionally through breath and physicality.  Whether you are creating a new character or seeking to explore the extremes of a familiar one, this physical character movement workshop will take you to new heights as a performer and safely bring you home.  Learn to access a full range of emotions through character centers, explore the effects of weight, space, and time, and take control of your ability to communicate non-verbally.


What does your body language say?  Can you change your mood with breath and movement?  You don't need to be a performer to benefit from these exercises.  

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